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Nelly Zulu prepares for second coming


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IT IS almost four years since her debut album Testify was released which some say was not well promoted.
“Well music is very funny, all we need to do is to keep believing in God and never give-up,” says gospel singer Nelly Zulu.
The singer of such amazing songs as Alinaise and Niuno Mwaka was reflecting on the responses she has been receiving since releasing her album.
“I believe that all things work together for good. As for me it was and still is the number one album to me forever; and I have now decided to start working on my second album,” she says.
Nelly, a congregant at Burning Bush International Ministries, led by Bishop Steven Nkhata, is committed to producing songs that bring about permanent change in many people’s lives.
“I was waiting for the right time, and it’s indeed the right time for another project… One thing I know for sure is that it will be a powerful album. So far, I’ve done two tracks; Kalubula and Mpeni Amano,” she says.
Nelly is sure that many souls will be touched by her songs.
“I cannot take you and Christ’s followers to a place I have never been to,” she says.
The former Petauke Day Secondary school pupil will certainly be taking tens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe millions of Jesus’ lost flock to Jerusalem.
The fifth born in a family of seven has truly impacted scores of those who cherish the gospel.
Nelly is simply on song.
Take her other song Umupashi for instance; the soft-spoken songstress says she was inspired by the Holy Spirit which always leads her to do anything, including worshipping and praising the Lord in truth and in spirit.
But it is also her assurance and allegiance to the Lord that she can now testify of His ever presence in both good and bad times, no matter the circumstance through the song Alinaise.
Other songs by Nelly include Power in the Name of the Lord, Mwe Lesa and Yesu Akawela, a timely and warning song to all those who have not yet given their souls to the Lord to do so or perish in hell.
But because God is love, Nelly has given us the chance to redeem ourselves through the songs G.O.D. Is Love and The Lord’s Prayer.
But as she goes through the hectic times of being in the studio as she records her other songs, the songbird also needs our devoted prayers because the outcome will be beneficial to all those who call upon the name of the Lord.
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