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‘Neighbour says I married a thin woman’

A KITWE man has narrated in the Buchi Local Court how his neighbour insulted him claiming he was out of his senses for marrying a sick woman.
Alex Mwango told senior resident magistrate Elizabeth Banda that his neighbour Memory Chanda insulted him for marrying his wife.
This was in a case in which Mwango sued Chanda for compensation for the insults.
Mwango narrated that the incident occurred on October 10, 2015 when he knocked off from work.
“About 30 minutes after I got home, I heard Chanda’s voice outside my house hurling insults at my wife. Chanda said my wife is a sick woman. I tried to ask her why but she continued using abusive language. She told me that I have no senses for marrying my wife who is thin,” Mwango said.
But Chanda denied ever insulting Mwango. She said Mwango’s wife went to her place to ask for slippers.
The court upheld the claim and ordered Chanda to pay Mwango K1,500 as compensate in monthly instalments of K250.

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