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Negotiating twists and turns of life

ONE psychologist said that we all strive to avoid pain and accumulate gain. Even when we allow pain, it is because we view gain to far outweigh pain.

We are able to endure any pain that brings about greater gain while we deem any gain that results into pain to be not worthy sacrificing for.
As it is said, “there is no sweet without sweat,” there is no meaningful success that comes about without enduring a certain level of sacrifice.
We all celebrate when our endurance of pain results in the intended gain because we feel rewarded. When we score success, we forget all the pain and get carried away with joy.
We are celebrating the victories that our proudly adored Under 20 national soccer team is earning on our behalf at the ongoing world cup tournament in South Korea.
In as much as we celebrate with them at the end of the game, players endure much hardship before and during the game.
The resilience of coming back after going down to Iran is quite thrilling. The focus on the game with Germany was on victory.
Going by our nature, one of the qualifications of a reward is that it must be motivating enough for us to put in the best and endure the present hostile situations. The heart melting twists and turns added to the joy of celebration.
Such is life. It does not promise a smooth and straight road, however it is up to a person to negotiate through the twists and turns of life in order to succeed.
Romans 8:18 “ I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.”
The quotation shows that the gain must outweigh the pain or else our sacrifice is in vain.
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