Letter to the Editor

Negative sentiments against national prayers saddening

Dear editor,
HEARING negative sentiments about the observation of October 18 as a National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation from those opposed to it, is saddening.
Sentiments such as “we would rather use the day more productively”, “we should have separation of Church and state” and the description of our country as a bad country by a Zambian living in the USA, speak volumes of tricks of Satan to take over the running of this country. These sentiments lack wisdom and only confirm the state of one’s heart.
The borrowed concept of separation of Church from state from Western countries has worked against those countries where, despite having attained material wealth, there is no respect for human life as evidenced by day-to-day killings, discrimination based on race and religion and the like. My humble appeal to my fellow Zambians is that do not listen to a person who does not respect God our Creator. We should not make a mistake of entrusting a person or a group of people who do not fear God with the running of this country. According to the word of God, the foolish say there is no God.
May God the Almighty continue to guide our nation.

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