Needles boy mum pleads not guilty

FILE: AN X-ray image shows the needles in the boy’s body. Right, the boy at Chipata Central Hospital.

MOTHER of the three-year-old boy who had 44 needles and wires in his body says it will be unfair for police to charge her with child negligence when she did not commit the crime.
On Wednesday, Eastern Province Commissioner of Police Lackson Sakala said the 19-year-old mother, Rosemary, will be charged with criminal child negligence.
Mr Sakala said a close relative could be responsible for allegedly imbedding the needles and wires in the body of the boy.
But Rosemary said in an interview yesterday that she does not know how the needles and wires got into her son’s body and, therefore, it would be unfair to accuse her of being behind the act.

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