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We need to uphold the rule of law

Dear editor,
I am a strong believer in the rule of law because without it, our society could easily degenerate into a state of chaos. In his treatise theory, king of philosophy, Plato, saw the need to postulate the protection of liberty and property which was curtailed at will during the state of chaos.
Since and before independence, our beloved country has enacted a number of laws, to ensure our society is effectively governed. (Public Order Act, inclusive)
Our members of Parliament have helped to enact a number of pieces of legislation and other laws to address some gaps that have been noted in different sectors such as transport, mining, health, sanitation, business, education etc.
However, despite having had a number of these laws aimed at good governance, enforcement has been compromised.  For example, the local authorities are not able to enforce their by-laws on issues of underage patronage of bars, raising livestock within residential areas, playing of loud music within residential areas, overnight loud prayers in the neighbourhood, selling of merchandise on undesignated dangerous points as the case is with a poor woman selling chopped mangoes and pineapples while comfortably seated on a stool on road “island’’ in town.
Others are petty thieving such as removal of motor vehicle body parts such as side mirrors, bonnet grills, and tyres, and later we buy from the same thieves, while ‘open urinating’ is done with impunity on the streets. The list is endless.
Let us uphold the rule of law before our beloved country degenerates into the rule of chaos.