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Ndola man jailed for assault

A 20-YEAR-OLD man of Chipulukusu township in Ndola has been sentenced to seven months imprisonment with hard labour by the Ndola Magistrate’s Court for assault.
Magistrate Bubala Sikalunda on Monday jailed Reagan Chisha who admitted assaulting Moses Somba and occasioning him actual bodily harm.
Chisha was initially jointly charged with Nicholas Bwalya, 21, of house number 207/2, Chipulukusu township but the case was withdrawn due to insufficient evidence.
Passing the sentence, Ms Sikalunda said the circumstances in which Chisha assaulted Mr Somba are serious.
She said Chisha had no right to attack people in the night for no reason and that such acts of violence cannot be condoned.
“On your own admission of the facts, I find you guilty of the charge and I convict you accordingly. I sentence you to seven months imprisonment with hard labour with effect from August 4, 2014, the day on which you were arrested,” Ms Sikalunda said.
Chisha on August 4 this year in Ndola, jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, assaulted Moses Somba.
In mitigation, Chisha pleaded with the court to be lenient on him because he was not in control of his mental faculties when he attacked Mr Somba
Chisha submitted that he looks after his mother, and that his father is dead.
Facts before the court read  by public prosecutor Manson Sichimwabenzu  are that on that day  around 18:25 hours, Mr Somba was walking home from work when he met three people  who intercepted him.
The court heard that Mr Somba tried to avoid the men but Chisha punched him and his friends joined in the assault.
Mr Somba sustained cuts on the face and Chisha and his accomplices ran away.
Mr Somba gave chase and screamed for help when he reached the market before passers-by helped him to apprehend Chisha.
Under warn-and-caution, Somba gave a free and voluntary reply admitting the charge.

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