Ndola council remains banned, says Kapata


MINISTER of Lands Jean Kapata says there are no immediate plans by Government to lift the suspension of Ndola City Council as its land administration agent.

And Ms Kapata has reiterated her warning to councils to adhere to legal requirements on land administration matters or risk being suspended.
In June this year, Ms Kapata suspended Ndola City Council and Kabwe Municipal Council as land agents of government for disregarding guidelines and laid-down procedures in land administration by the two councils.
She said the council needs to redeem itself before having its suspension lifted.
“I am reliably informed that they have continued with impunity as council officials to deal in land illegalities. What we want is people [other councils] to follow the law, and if they do not follow the law, we will suspend the land agency like we have done in Kabwe and Ndola,” she warned.
Ms Kapata warned that any plot or piece of land that will be offered to the public during the period the Ndola council land agency is suspended is null and void.
She said Government is strict with land administration and will not allow people to deliberately share land without following procedure.
Ms Kapata said she will soon be receiving detailed reports from the land officers on the findings at the Ndola and Kabwe councils.
The land administration processes are currently being handled by the provincial lands office until sanity is restored at the local authority.

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