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NCZ increases bagging capacity

NITROGEN Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) has increased its bagging capacity to 1,000 metric tonnes per day from an initial 200 metric tonnes before the company’s recapitalisation.
NCZ managing director Zuze Banda said the increase in bagging can be attributed to the modification of equipment by the firm.
Mr Banda said NCZ will continue to enhance its operation to attain double the capacity of fertiliser bags in the next few years.
“We have two bagging lines and between these, we are able to bag  1,000 tonnes of fertiliser in a day as opposed to 200 tonnes which we used to do when the plant was new.
“The extensions, modifications and innovations that we have put up have facilitated the increase of our production. However, our aim is to naturally increase that tonnage to about 2,000 tonnes per day,” he said during the tour of the plant in Kafue on Tuesday.
Mr Banda said the fertiliser company has also fully rehabilitated the obsolete ammonium nitrate plant using local materials and expertise.
He, however, said the poor state of the plant was adversely affecting the operations of the  company.
Mr Banda said this predicament has prompted the company to acquire ammonium tankers to enhance the storage capacity resulting in NCZ ordering about 30 tankers to help store the imported ammonia which is a colourless gas.
“We are ordering about 30 tankers out of which three have been made, 27 are yet to be made”.

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