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CHINGOLA Mayor Titus Tembo with Guy Scott Mini Hospital sister-in-charge Evelyn Simbeye explaining the challenges of water supply at the health institution, which is yet to be connected to the borehole. PICTURE: NKWETO

Nchanga evolving, yearning for more development

THE delimitation of Nchanga from Chingola Constituency was done in 1973, nine years after Zambia got her Independence in 1964 from the British colonialists.
Before then, only one constituency existed in Chingola which was named after the mining district.
Nchanga Constituency has a population of 86,000 based on the 2010 population census statistics, with registered voters standing at 46,156.
Like many other constituencies in the country, Nchanga has benefited from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation of K1.5 million which has helped accelerate social and economic developments in the area.
A number of projects have been implemented in the constituency through the area member of Parliament Wylbur Simuusa and ward councillors among other stakeholders.
Mr Simuusa says he will not relent in ensuring that a number of projects are implemented to benefit the people in his constituency.
Speaking through the Nchanga Constituency Office professional assistant Moses Chuba, Mr Simuusa said the construction of a mini hospital in Luano-Kapisha area at a cost of K650,000 will benefit a lot of people through enhanced service delivery.
The mini hospital which has been named after the former Vice-President Guy Scott is still under construction.
Phase I has since been completed and will cater for outpatients, before referring them to Nchanga North General Hospital.
The phase II construction works at Guy Scott mini hospital will include the maternity ward.
Guy Scott mini hospital was officially opened to the public last year by Dr Scott then acting Republican President.
Mr Simuusa said a maternity ward at Kabundi clinic has also been constructed using CDF at a cost of K700, 000.
“Our mothers should be looked after with care as Government aims to reduce maternal mortality rates,” he said.
Other projects that have been implemented using CDF include Soweto and Makungu market shelters at a cost of K60,000.
To facilitate trade in a decent structure Mr Simuusa contributed K40,000 while Konkola Copper Mine donated pillars towards the construction of Phiri market.
During the tenure of current MP a 1X3 classroom block at Luano Primary School has been constructed.
Some bridges in the peri-urban areas have also been worked on in the constituency.
Mr Simuusa says people are free to visit the constituency office to present their ideas to accelerate development in the area.
“Working as a team is the way forward,” he says.
On road rehabilitation works, Mr Simuusa said the works are going on and Chingola will soon have a new facelift on the infrastructure.
Bupalo ward Councillor Titus Tembo expressed concern on security at Guy Scott mini hospital which has been broken into twice within the course of this year.
“We now want to involve the business community to donate materials towards the building of a police post in Riverside residential area,” he said.
He said the crime rate is too high in Kapisha hence the need for a police post to be constructed near the health institution.
Meanwhile Mulenga police station has been refurbished at a cost of K78,000.
Mr Tembo who is Chingola Mayor said the water network is being constructed to ensure that constituents have access to clean water.
For a Nchanga constituent Wilick Nyondo, his constituency has not seen much development.
However, Mr Nyondo is happy that some market shelters have been constructed with tower lighting system being erected in some markets such as Makungu.
“We appreciate what has been done, so far, but there is need to do more especially working on the drainage systems in townships and in the Central Business District which are blocked,” he said.
Mr Nyondo said the street lights in townships have been vandalised and need to be restored.
He said during the time of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines street lights and drainages were serviced periodically.
Mr Nyondo also cited Muzabwera and Buyantanshi Townships’ sewer systems as having collapsed and requiring agent attention adding, that the current situation could result in outbreak of water borne diseases.
“The Muzabwera Township roads are also impassable,” he said.
Another resident Majory Mwelwa expressed similar sentiments to those of Mr Nyondo that there is minimal development in the constituency.
Speaking in separate interviews, Ms Mwelwa, however, expressed happiness on the construction of the Guy Scott mini hospital saying the facility will reduce congestion at Kabundi clinic.
Ms Mwelwa said Government’s funding of various projects in constituencies is key to national development.
“The construction of a maternity ward is also a welcome move and needs commendation,” she said.
Ms Mwelwa has called on women and youths to get involved in spearheading development especially in constituencies.
1. Dr Sefelino Mulenga 1973 to 1978
2. Cosmas Masongo 1978 to 1983
3. Titus Mukuka 1983 to 1988
4. Titus Mukuka 1988 to 1991
5. Boniface Kawimbe 1991to 1996
6. Sixtus Kamata 1996 to 2001
7. Richard Kazala 2001 to 2006
8. Charles Chumumbwa 2006 to 2007
9. Wylbur Simuusa 2007 to date