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NCC told to be firm with contractors


WITH reports of abandoned and poorly executed construction projects commonplace, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Urban Development Charles Milupi wants the regulator – National Council for Construction (NCC) – to be firm with contractors. Mr Milupi says NCC should de-register any construction company that does shoddy works because poor workmanship has a negative impact on the economy. “In the past we have seen infrastructure projects which have been abandoned despite money being released,” he said yesterday when he unveiled the new board for NCC. “Begin to think strategically to monitor projects.” The NCC board has former Moomba Member of Parliament Vitalis Mooya as chairperson with Pule Machinga, Oddeta Kaoma, Mutinta Pensulo, Edgar Siakacoma, Keith Mateyo, Owen Matoto and Enerst Nshindano as members. Mr Milupi said the new dawn administration is in a hurry to develop the country but in an orderly way.
He said he was shocked in 2007/2008 when he was a Member of Parliament to learn that 75 percent of money was paid for the construction of Mbesuma Bridge, which connects to Kasama, yet not even a pillar had been constructed. “I am not a primary school teacher. I am an engineer. I want to see these projects work for CLICK TO READ MORE