Natural hair show wows admirers

FROM left: Mwiza Zulu, her mother and Natural Hair Day initiator Sista D and Hot FM presenter Lungowe Simbotwe during the beauty show in Lusaka’s Longacres last Saturday. PICTURE: SHIKANDA KAWANGA

“EMANCIPATE yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy ‘cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and watch?” says the Redemption Song by Bob Marley.
Upcoming artiste Mwiza Zulu did Marley’s song to the best of her ability at the celebration of the Natural Hair Day hosted by Sista D, her mother.
Mwiza repeatedly told revellers that she loves and has great respect for Bob Marley’s songs as they always liberate her spirit. Mwiza also did a number of other songs.
The natural hair beauty show was held at Longacres Lodge in Lusaka and attended mostly by people that are proud of natural beauty, especially those that have decided to maintain natural hair. Among the show-goers were also people that are interested in learning how to maintain natural hair and keep it beautiful.
The event was characterised by musical demonstrations of how people could maintain their natural hair by using natural products such as hemp.
Then later came models on the catwalk showing off their natural hair and different hair styles that can be worn on different occasions.
Daputsa Nkhata Zulu, popularly known as Sista D, wearing an Afri-Pride hat, said the event was meant to awaken the sense of confidence in people regarding their ethnic identity and natural beauty.
“We have enslaved ourselves to think that synthetic hair is best for us, we have continued to imitate other races’ hair when our own is also very beautiful and can be admired by others,” Sista D, who is the founder and director of Afri-Pride, said.
She encouraged women to embrace their natural hair and take good care of it using suitable products.
“This event, as you have seen here, is all about sharing insights on how beautiful natural hair is. This will help to discredit the negative perceptions that have been advanced that natural hair is not good,” she said.
She said African hair is unique, the reason why black people should be proud that they are unique in many aspects.
The Natural Hair Day event also gave an opportunity to show-goers to have their hair washed and styled. Revellers were also given natural hair products for free.
And one of the participants, Clare Chilombo, appreciated the effort by Sista D, who was supported by her husband, Miko Zulu, to encourage people to take pride in African beauty.
“This day is memorable, the Zulus are awesome. The atmosphere was supportive. I am looking forward to part two [of the event],” she said.

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