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National Housing Authority, ZAMPOST salary crisis worrying

Dear editor,
THE situation of National Housing Authority (NHA) and ZAMPOST managements of not being able to pay workers their salaries for five months makes sad reading.
From my point of view, these State-owned companies should have undergone transformation of innovations in the way they have been operating over the years.
1. National Housing Authority: It has been providing rented accommodation to the public in the past.
Those days, home ownership was not very fashionable. However, over the years, people started to build their own houses. With this new development, NHA has lost many of its clients who used to rent their houses and flats.
Without a new approach on how the company should operate, it is unlikely that it will recover from its financial crisis in the near future.
2. ZAMPOST: It has lost a chance of growing by not adjusting to the new trends in sharing postal services and introducing innovations in its operation.
This company used to be part of the former Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) Limited until it was split into two entities; Zambia Telecommunications (ZAMTEL) Limited and Zambia Postal Services (ZAMPOST) Limited.
Whereas ZAMTEL has kept abreast of modern trends in telecommunications from the fixed line to the mobile network system, ZAMPOST has literally remained with the manual post office boxes and the sticky postage stamps.
With the advent of the modern electronic e-mail and other means of instant communication, ZAMPOST became less and less competitive in delivering postal services over the years.
What can salvage these two companies from imminent extinction is the introduction of innovative ways of their operations.

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