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Nation hoping for progressive, productive 2021

THE year 2021 is globally seen as a period for social and economic recovery after the economic slump experienced in the previous year, chiefly triggered by  the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
There are so many positive prospects Zambia is hoping to attain in 2021, especially on the economic front.
Although the COVID-19 scare appears to be far from being over, going by the escalating second wave cases since the opening of 2021, the country is hopeful of a better year ahead.
As other governments put in place economic recovery plans, the Zambian Government is equally strategising on how to have a progressive and productive year.
The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of National Development Planning have jointly projected gradual annual economic growth of three percent by 2023.
The country endeavours to grow its fortunes through the 2020-2023 Economic Recovery Programme dubbed: “Restoring growth and safeguarding livelihoods through macroeconomic stability, economic diversification and debt sustainability.”
Some recovery measures in the year ahead and beyond include issuance of a government K8 billion COVID-19 bond as a stimulus package to enhance economic activity through dismantling of domestic debt and paying of retirees among other obligations.
The Economic Recovery Programme identifies agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and mining, supported by the energy sector, as the anchor sectors.
As far as economic experts are concerned, Zambia has vast economic growth alternatives if only policy implementation and CLICK TO READ MORE