Nasty D puts ‘Mudanso’ on video

NASTY D (Davies Ngoma) has released a video for the song Mudanso, the second after Palwandi, which are all off his new album Zambezi Nafuti Nafuti, which he recorded in Finland in April with Papa Zai (Ernest Yikona), who is domiciled there.

While Palwandi was shot and edited in Finland by Papa Zai, Mudanso, which talks about not needing any reason to dance, was done from here.
Both videos are available online.
“Thanks to ‘Ndumbwi’ and crew, Suzgo Mtonga and Simon G Mkhalipi for directing the video shoot and not forgetting the lovely people of Chazanga for their hospitality,” Nasty D said on his Facebook page.
“Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to share the video and associated link as many times as you wish. Keep supporting Zambezi music and wishing you all some Zambezi love.”
The three intensive weeks that Nasty D spent in March in Finland working on new music has indeed refreshed him.
“A feeling of getting back to where I started from,” he told Paula Paukku, who presents a show with Papa Zai on Finnish radio that plays Zamrock, Kachacha, Kalindula, Zambian rhumba, Zambian reggae, Zambezi music, Zambian dancehall and hip-hop among others.
“When you are younger in life, you have so many dreams, and along the way sometimes, you forget. This trip has awakened in me the dreams I had some time back, where I wanted to see things and especially my music. That’s where it’s taken me. I feel very young in spirit now. That sense of feeling fatigued with life, it’s all gone. I have a renewed vigour for doing the things I love with the people I care about.”
In sounding out Papa Zai, who is also chairman of the Finnish-Zambian Association in Finland to record his new album, Nasty D was looking for a new sound..
Paula described the whole scenario after Nasty D told Papa Zai that he was headed to Finland to record, in an article for Finnish-Zambian Association.
“…Papa Zai got to work and called on his friends from his days with the Punky Reggae Band. Intense work by Tommi Ranta (sound engineering, bass), Theodor Sanneman (guitar), Arttu Muhonen (drums), Toni Puskala (drums), Jani Pietiläinen (guitar), Papa Zai (producer, keyboard, guitar, vocal harmonies) and obviously Nasty D (vocals and percussions) paid off,” she wrote.
“A whole album was finished in three weeks at the Secret Lab Studio in Helsinki… Three weeks later, there are two exhausted but satisfied men with the final product in their hands. Well, at least a mouse-click away. The next project is to get the album out, which Nasty-D will start working on after returning home to Lusaka.
“The two brothers had an emotional journey as old friends and both have found something from their past to remind them to keep following their dreams in music – and in life in general.”


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