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‘Only NAREP has clear message’

NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo says he will win next year’s presidential election because only his political party has a clear message for the people.
Mr Chipimo said this in an interview yesterday.
“Our message is economic freedom and when we get into power, we will empower women and the youth by giving them contracts,” Mr Chipimo said.
He said his government will set aside 10 percent of the procurement budget for women and the youth.
“We have a clear plan for women and the youth. We will make them contractors and suppliers of various things such as stationery, dry foods and so on,” he said.
Mr Chipimo said his only challenge is getting his message across to people.
“We have the NAREP empowerment and enterprise plan. This is aimed at building and empowering vulnerable people,” he said.
Mr Chipimo said he is certain that he will emerge victorious in the presidential poll.

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