Namwala bans livestock movement

IN AN effort to reduce livestock diseasesoutbreaks, Namwala District Council has banned the movement of animals in the area.
Currently, the district, which is alleged to have the largest cattle population of over 139,000, has in the recent past recorded livestock disease outbreaks such as the foot-and-mouth disease.
Namwala District Council environmental health technician Judson Moyo said there has been an uncontrolled movement of animals during the dry season and this has contributed to disease outbreaks.
“The council has embarked on a programme aimed at restricting animal movements in the town. It has decided to restrict animals moving around in the township, which would also control outbreaks of Zoonotic diseases. Some farmers have received the message with mixed feelings as they feel the council is too strict by imposing the ban,” he said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail recently.

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