Letter to the Editor

Name, shame poachers

Dear editor
YOUR Editorial of Monday 17 June reiterates the urgent need to protect the fast dwindling number of Lechwe in the Kafue Wetlands.
It is most saddening that the news of the despicable trade in Lechwe by the officials who are charged with the responsibility of protecting these animals are at the centre of this as reported in March 2019.
The government officers and others responsible were to be taken to task over the same.
It is now over three months and the public are no wiser as we do not know what has transpired of those arrested or called to explain.
Unless urgent and positive steps are taken and those responsible for illicit trade and poaching arrested and brought to court and punished for the crime, the practice would continue and we shall have no Lechwe left by the year 2025.
Mere reporting and calling for action is inadequate; reporting periodically of the outcome and progress achieved are most important.
The media has a significant role to play. Please expose those responsible, name them, shame them and demand action.
May we be told through you and the press what has become of the arrests made in March.
Any International agencies from outside, be it NGOs such as the International Crane Foundation (WCF) or World Wide Fund (WWF) would feel fit to support if they realise that positive action are being implemented by the government.
Those of us who are voluntary supporters of conservation feel helpless when the government remains or seem to remain passive.
Field scientist
Wildlife Environment Conservation Society of Zambia

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