Nalolo MP up for servant headship

THE clear lack of servant-based leadership in Nalolo constituency in Western Province, and generally in the country, motivated Imanga Wamunyima Junior to join politics.
Mr Wamunyima, who contested the parliamentary seat under the sponsorship of Party for National Unity and Progress (PNUP), says he was also driven by the prevailing social inequalities and injustices in the country.
“The people of Nalolo have for far too long now lacked proper representation. I also come from a family that inherently has believed in serving the people,” he says.
Traditionally, Nalolo constituency houses the Litunga La Mboela, who is the second traditional authority hierarchy in Western Province.
Mr Wamunyima says economically, Nalolo has a huge agricultural potential given the vast uncultivated arable land and flood plains, yet it is one of the least developed areas.
“This re-affirms the diverse representation required in any functional democracy,” he says.
Mr Wamunyima says he grew up in an environment where he was given an opportunity to realise his full potential and pursue dreams.
“I would like the same for many others. One of the first books my parents exposed me to was ‘The long walk to Freedom’ about the narrative of the iconic Nelson Mandela,” he shares.
Mr Wamunyima says in the book “The long walk to Freedom”, there is a phrase where Mandela says “after climbing the great hill only to find that there are many other hills to climb”.
He says it is not an easy pursuit to demand that every Zambian is entitled to clean water, decent education and CLICK TO READ MORE

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