Nakoli: Blurred memories of Mr Collins

STELLA Mwape, who has lived in Nakoli since 1969, at the stand she owns in the market. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

ON A cold day in 1966, a 40-year-old woman made a final decision to leave her ill-fated marriage in Kabwe’s Bwacha residential area to start life afresh.
Lacking funds to rent a home, she walked across the rail line, two young daughters in tow, to a bush bordering Bwacha, which by then was among the developed residential areas of the growing Kabwe town. This stretch of bush was unfortunately called ‘Chinyenyenye’.
“It was named thus because that is where people used to go to help themselves. It was all bush and those who did not have toilets would go to help themselves in that land,” says Faides Ngolobola, a 93-year-old who has lived in the area for over half a century.
Fifty-three years later, the doomed ‘Chinyenyenye’ land is occupied with houses in varying stages of modernity, with traces of the old thatch-roofed huts only found as one goes deeper into the township, as it has grown outwards over the years.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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