Naked truth about transgender

KANYANTA as a boy before he transitioned from male to female. Picture right, Kanyanta after transition.

HE RECENTLY made news after walking naked on the Great East Road in Lusaka in protest of his gender.
Moses Kekana, who now prefers to be called Kanyanta, protested because his family cannot accept his decision to now become a woman when he was raised as a man.
“Imagine the discrimination in this country, my own mother is the one treating me like this,” Kanyanta said in a video as his family forced him into a car on their way to Chainama Hills Hospital.
This reporter visited Kanyanta at the hospital on Thursday but, she was discharged the previous night.
According to the information availed, Kanyanta went to South Africa for school as a male.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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