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NANCY MWAPE, Livingstone
AS IT strives to turn Lusaka into a regional air transport hub, the National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL) has changed its name to Zambia Airports Corporation Limited (ZACL) following expanded business opportunities.
The change in name was effected on November 21, 2014, following the annual general meeting held on September 30, 2014, at which directors of NACL recommended to Government which is the main shareholder.
In response to a query, corporation’s communications and branding manager Sally Namutowe said the development is as a result of wide consultation with various stakeholders including Government.
“The name change has been necessitated by our organisation’s expanding business opportunities regionally and globally.”
“We believe this change will deliver us good business not only from within the country but, also in the region and globally as we strive to turn Lusaka into a regional hub,” said she said.
Ms Namutowe said the corporation faced numerous challenges with the former name which included the mix-up that its acronym NACL created with that of a competitor at national level and the Namibia Airports Corporation Limited at regional level.
She said it was necessary to also include the country name as a prefix to the corporation’s name for easy identification at international platforms and also adapt to the industry practice worldwide.
She, however, said there has been no change in the corporations’ core business or management and that the organisation will continue providing the same quality service on which it has built its good reputation in the past.
“It’s business remains unaffected by this change and all its existing contracts will remain unaltered with corresponding obligations and
rights assumed under the new name”.
“The name change shall, therefore, not render defective any rights and obligations or legal proceedings that could have been commenced or continued against it by its former name,” she said.