NAC boss tips artistes on referendum

MUSIC AWARDS: From left, Chef, Pilato and Afunika at the second Zambian Music Awards.

THE National Arts Council (NAC) has urged artistes in Zambia to use their talent to educate people on the referendum, which will be held alongside the August 11 general elections.
NAC director Maanka Chipindi said as the country heads to the polls, artistes, especially musicians, should use their talent to educate citizens on election issues such as explaining the importance of voting in a referendum.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, Chipindi said artistes will be expected to research and educate citizens on the electoral process, especially on the referendum.
“As we approach the August 11 elections, artistes are once more expected to play a huge role in boosting the morale of some candidates, educating the masses and more importantly to unite the nation.
“Through art genres such as theatre for development, artistes will be expected to research and educate the public on matters such as the referendum on the Bill of Rights,” Chipindi said.
He urged musicians to promote peace and unity before, during and after the August polls.
Chipindi said artistes are opinion leaders who play a crucial role in the promotion of peace and unity.
“It has always been the council’s position that artistes should be agents of peace and social inclusion.
“A song sung in one language will have appeal countrywide, and an artwork painted by an artist from one social class will appeal to others in other social classes,” he said.
Chipindi also appealed to the public not to demonise musicians who are hired to perform at campaign rallies because they [musicians] have freedom of association.
“The public must understand that while artistes, like any other citizen, have the freedom of association and are free to choose which political party to align themselves with, most of them are just hired to perform at political functions,” he said.

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