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Nabwalya drops school for marriage

Early marriage child mother.

SHE is not one of those young girls forced into child marriages. Grace Nabwalya, 23, solely and happily decided to drop out of school to get married at the age of 17.
Marriage is something she, from childhood, looked forward to because she thought it was a gateway to a better life.
Young, inexperienced and full of expectations, Grace got married to the love of her life and together they had a beautiful baby girl.
Her marriage did not turn out as expected because her husband, who was 18 years her senior, started abusing her.
She was shuttered because she thought marriage would be a healing hub that would compensate the abuse she suffered from the age of six to 10 at the hands of her uncle.
“My uncle sexually abused me and infected me with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from the time I was six until the age of 10,” she recalls.
However, her marriage turned out to be as horrible as her childhood experience because the abuse continued and this time the torture was worse.
Without understanding how to resolve the happenings around her, Grace unknowingly slipped into depression and attempted to commit suicide.
She resolved that taking her own life was the only way to end her miserable life, which she thought had nothing good to CLICK TO READ MORE

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