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Mystery, wisdom of the emerald tablets

DO YOU know that there is power in knowing what you represent? My understanding is that man needs to be aware of two things in his life: his wings and his roots.
His wings will teach him how to fly while his roots will hold him firm to what he believes in.
A man’s roots will give him a clear picture of what he can and cannot do. Some people know what they cannot do, but they have no clue what they can do.
They do not know how high their ancestors stretched to get them to the level where they are.
Only if they could learn that if they stretched in the same way, their great grandchildren shall inherit marvelous things of life.
So, the understanding of one’s roots plays an important part in one’s life.
Imagine understanding that through your ancestors, you are able to do great and mighty things.
Imagine understanding that “through Him, we can do all things”?
Just imagine not some things, but Aall things!
Imagine if you knew that your roots have capabilities of such magnitude.
If you can imagine that, then ask yourself this question my friend, ‘What can I do in this world, if I could not fail?’
The wings make us soar to the highest point. Acknowledging your wings gives you the firm understanding of how high you can fly.
Wings of a chicken can only fly about 10 feet, wings of a dove can fly over 100 feet and wings of an eagle can fly over 10,000 feet high.
If an eagle understands that it does not have wings of a chicken will it fly beyond where it is currently able to reach?
Talking about the roots, are you aware of the Emerald Tablets? I came across them in one of the books I read by Paulo Coelho.
These tablets claim to hold the secrets of what life is all about.
They were written by our ancestors and carved on those stones (tablets) to be passed on to us, for our knowledge.
A translation can be found in Theatrum Chemicum, Volume IV (1613), in Georg Beatus’ Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum.
“This is true and remote from all cover of falsehood; whatever is below is similar to that which is above. Through this the marvels of the work of one thing are procured and perfected.
“Also, as all things are made from one, by the [consideration] of one, so all things were made from this one, by conjunction. The father of it is the sun, the mother the moon.
“The wind bore it in the womb. Its nurse is the earth, the mother of all perfection. Its power is perfected. If it is turned into earth, separate the earth from the fire, the subtle and thin from the crude and, prudently, with modesty and wisdom.
“This ascends from the earth into the sky and again descends from the sky to the earth, and receives the power and efficacy of things above and of things below. By this means you will acquire the glory of the whole world, and so you will drive away all shadows and blindness.
“For this by its fortitude snatches the palm from all other fortitude and power. For it is able to penetrate and subdue everything subtle and everything crude and hard.
“By this means the world was founded and hence the marvelous conjunctions of it and admirable effects, since this is the way by which these marvels may be brought about.”
This is what is (was) written on the Emerald Tablets, the knowledge of the existence of this world.
I believe understanding some of these things will help our well-being, emotionally, financially, socially, and all.
To understand that all things were created by one, through one, in one, wouldn’t it be prudent for you to go to the Creator of all things when you need understanding?
We are all looking for something in life.
There could be only few answers to the multiple questions we have. Make sure that the answers you find meet the expectations of your search.
The author is a Lusaka-based economist.

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