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‘My mother- in- law tells her son to flirt around’

A TWENTY-EIGHT year -old woman of Mansa has narrated before the local court how her mother in-law encourages her husband to date beautiful women because he is still young.

Christine Mwewa was testifying in a case in which she sued Bwalya Chomba 31, for divorce on grounds that he is violent.

The two tied the knot in 2003 and have five children together. Dowry was paid.
Mwewa narrated before senior local court magistrate Leorntina Zaloumis that when her husband married her, their stay was fine until her husband started having extra marital affairs in 2004.
Mwewa said each time her husband came back home, he would beat her, claiming that her presence irritated him.
She said her husband does not allow her to do any business despite not supporting her and…

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