Letter to the Editor

My most sincere gratitude to everyone

Dear editor,
I WANT to take a moment to convey my most sincere gratitude to everyone who has stood firmly with me during this little bump in my entrepreneurial journey.
For every person who called to check on me, every email, WhatsApp message, Instagram DM, tweet and screenshots I have received leaves me speechless by the love and support from my fellow countrymen and women and indeed those amazing supporters around the world. Until now I didn’t realise the extent and positive impact that my life has had on the lives of so many people.
I have walked this journey as an entrepreneur for 14 years. Those who have known me since I started know that I have faced and overcome immense challenges throughout my journey.
Those who know me well also know that my entrepreneurial spine is made of steel, unbreakable, unshakeable and unstoppable
A lioness, no matter how skilful a hunter is, goes hunting knowing very well that a zebra’s kick can break its jaw or a buffalo’s horn can rip its stomach. When a lioness gets wounded she does not give up hunting because she has cubs (children) to feed. The hunt must and will go on.
The measure of success of an entrepreneur is not by the number of times they fall but whether they choose to give up, curl up in the corner, blame God, cry and curse God or whether they choose to wake up, dress up, show up and give it another shot.
I am still working as hard as I have always done, I have no intention of crying, or feeling sorry for myself, I am never one to give up because I know God restores that which the locusts and cankerworms have stolen.
Allow me to make lemonade from these lemons I hold in my hand and from the stones thrown at me I am making stepping stones back to my greatness because that is my God-given destiny.
Thank you for your prayers. The emotional and financial support is indeed overwhelming and a testimony that God is still on the throne.
Now, let’s get back to work because bills must still be paid, debts cleared, children educated and jobs must be created.
God bless you all and have a beautiful day full of love and success.

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