My dream of becoming a lawyer will come true


Young & Ambitious:
WITH each day that comes, Sharon Mwamba draws closer to her future dream of becoming a lawyer.

Sharon, 13, and a Grade Seven pupil at Fountain of Hope school in Kamwala, aspires to become a lawyer when she completes secondary education so that she represents people who do not have legal representation.
She believes that some innocent people have been sent to jail due to lack of legal representation.
“I want to help in the provision of justice in our country by offering legal services to the less privileged. I have always been dreaming of becoming a lawyer and I am optimistic that I will achieve it one day,” Sharon said.
Sharon explains that education is an equaliser and that it provides one with various opportunities in life.
The third in a family of seven, Sharon wants to uplift the status of her family by taking them out of Misisi compound to a better place.
She added that she wants to pay back for the sacrifices her mother has made to take her to school.
“My mother depends on her restaurant to fend for us and ensure that we are in school. She has been struggling to give us a decent life since she separated with my father sometime back,” Sharon explained.
Her favourite subjects are English and Mathematics.
A Pentecostal Assemblies member, Sharon urged her fellow young people to always work hard and depend on God if they are to achieve their future dreams.
She said young people must be focused and concentrate on their studies so that they become notable in society.
Sharon said she would love to go to India so that she can explore that country’s diverse culture.

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