Letter to the Editor

My condolences to Zambia Daily Mail

Dear editor,
MY heartfelt condolences to the family, colleagues, close relatives, Daily Mail correspondents and friends, as well as the entire nation.The world has lost a role and real model in Christine Chisha.
I felt so sad when I read about her death in the Zambia Daily Mail.
I have never passed reading her column when I get the opportunity to get the famous newspaper – (Zambia Daily Mail) and I really feel great when reading her reports.
We can only say that she has done her part as a journalist even if we know that she has left many people (even those who regarded her as their inspiration, role model and mentor).
I would have written much words but let me end by saying that we (Africans) have lost A Beautiful Colleague, Mother, Sister, Friend, A Queen of Africa, inspiring, motivating and lovely. She was unique and encouraging in all her write-ups.
My Condolences to everyone affected by this
Zambia Daily Mail
avid reader

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