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Mwinemushi, Kasaka light up Borrowdale Inn

KASAKA and Mwine Mushi.

BORROWDALE Inn in Chingola central suburb area was on Christmas Eve turned into a Kangaroo court by comedians Mwinemushi (Robam Mwape) and Kasaka (Webster Chiluba) to settle their never ending ‘disputes’ away from Lusaka.
And Borrowable Inn will this week hold a wedding expo to showcase their wedding brands that can be held on selected days like Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The grand entry of Kasaka, who was followed by Mwinemushi (headman) on to the stage in the main hall was received with laughter as people welcomed the duo in the mining town.
As usual, the kangaroo court was set, and Kasaka was being advised by Mwinemushi not to divorce his ‘wife’ whom he married recently and she was being accused of being a former prostitute by her husband.
It was rib-cracking jokes by the Lusaka lads, who took Chingola by storm.
Mwinemushi and Kasaka were performing in the mining district for the first time and attracted scores of people who turned out to witness their ‘court sessions’.
True to their names, Mwinemushi and Kasaka despite the main hall having a back stage the ‘villagers’opted to put their dressing room in the gents’ toilet.
And during the intervals, they posed for pictures with their fans as they went to the watering hole.
The duo of Mwinemushi and Kasaka left the audience longing for more comedy after mid night.
Meanwhile, the comedians said they are now re-branding Mwinemushi and were filming a movie titled: ‘Strictly by Invitation.’
In the movie, the family of Mwinemushi is being featured with few other casts.
“We are still producing movies… come 2016, we shall work extra hard to be part of the upcoming film industry in Zambia,” he said.
And Borrowdale co-director Lawrence Lumbiya said the Inn will showcase the way it will be handling weddings according to request from those that will be getting married.
“Our expo to be held in the main hall here on (Sunday), will showcase how we can prepare and decorate for weddings that can be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday,” he said.
Lumbiya also said that the Inn will be holding Kareoke nights and winners will have an opportunity of spending a night for two in the presidential room,” he said.

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