Mweshi Mulusa back with album

MWESHI Mulusa.

Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
THE “queen of praise” Mweshi Mulusa is celebrating the release of her 14th career album.
But as she herself puts it, her journey has not been easy.
“[But] our God is bigger than any mountain before you… may that mountain obey your voice today in Jesus Name as you listen to my new album titled Nimwe Yahweh,” declared Mweshi.
Since entering mainstream gospel in 1988, Mweshi’s journey has been such a revelation which she wishes most gospel artistes could emulate.
Talking about her new project, the follow-up to Kalubula which she delivered last year, Mweshi is also hopeful that many who are called to follow Jesus will be mentored and uplifted.
“Yes, not all days are full of roses but I hope my new album will touch someone whatever their situation,” she shared.
With songs that both connect and reconnect those who are bound to listen to them, Mweshi has carefully chosen each and every tune that will speak the truth to the believers.
Songs such as Nasesema (I Prophecy), Miracle Working God, Muya Usala (the Holy Spirit) and Tekupemamo, should ultimately help believers understand that there are benefits in finding time to speak to God in praise and worship.
Of course, there are other songs such as Katebebe, Yesu Ebulalo (Jesus is the Bridge) and Nakwimbila which she days comes from her heart.
With others such as Langeni Amaka Yenu and Sala Yesu which were also produced by her husband Llyod Mulusa at Star Studios, Mweshi feels as long as you choose Jesus Christ and seek His kingdom first, everything shall be added unto those who call upon his name.
Backed by a trio of relatively unknown gospel youths; Betty Zulu, Rachel Nakamba and Alice Banda, Mweshi’s only wish is that more gospel artistes should kneel down before God and seek His face as they go along the journey they are called for.
“We should not just go into it (ministry) because of money but to serve Him so that more souls will be won into the Kingdom of God. We should mean what we sing (and speak). As for me, it’s just a calling and I am passionate about it (gospel music),” she said.
And while she has released her new album, Mweshi, who was awarded a certificate for her advocacy of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation, is also hopeful that her followers will also find time to revisit her other albums such as Mighty God and Chendela Mumwela.
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