Letter to the Editor

Mwense yearning for industries

Dear editor,
KINDLY help me by publishing this article in your widely read newspaper.
From time immemorial the above district has remained undeveloped. Mwense district is one of the oldest and densely populated districts such as Lukwesa, Kashiba, Lubunda, Kasonge, Kapala villages to mention a few. This district is where our second President Mr FTJ Chiluba emanated from.
I have frequented my big village called Lukwesa, which has more than 40,000 residents, but I have not seen any new structures from Kashiba up to Mununshi. We have had different MPs from 1964 to-date no tangible development has been brought to this district. I have been seeing shops all over but no industry.
We have an MP who is also minister, can he please help our people in this district to bring serious development? I therefore appeal to our MP to work extra hard in bringing development in Mwense district. I feel very sad for my people in Mwense district.

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