Mwense worried about excess maize


MORE than 24,000 bags of maize out of 50,000 metric tonnes targeted have been bought in Mwense district.
Mwense acting district commissioner Benson Matipa, however, says that there is fear that more maize will remain unsold because the district has produced much more than what the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has set to buy.
“Farmers are still bringing in their maize and I am sure there will be a lot of maize that will be left out looking at the target of maize FRA is expected to purchase,” he said.
Mr Matipa said despite the poor rainfall experienced in the last farming season, the district recorded a good harvest, hence the appeal for Government, through the FRA, to increase the number of bags of maize to be bought.
Mr Matipa said satellite depots like Kapamba and Munwa have plenty of maize which needs to be bought.
He, however, commended FRA for buying maize in the district despite the deplorable roads leading to satellite depots.
“The Food Reserve Agency is currently buying maize despite the district having bad roads. I know this will continue even during the rainy season,” Mr Matipa said.
Mr Matipa also warned farmers to be wary of some private maize buyers who are bent on exploiting them.
He said farmers should consider making profits out of their yields.
He, however, said the district has not recorded any complaints from farmers over exploitation from private maize buyers.

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