‘Mwense works near completion’

THE construction of Mwense Civic Centre at a cost of K1.9 million has advanced and the project is expected to be completed in March next year, district commissioner Mumba Mushitu has said.
Mr Mushitu said yesterday that Government has engaged LMB Construction Company to build the Civic Centre and works are progressing well so far.
He said the Civic Centre will accommodate various Government departments, which have been grappling with a shortage of office accommodation over the years.
“The construction of this facility will help to mitigate the accommodation challenges that the district has been faced with for some time now. We hope to complete the building early next year, and once this is done, then we can have several Government departments being housed under one roof,” Mr Mushitu said.
He said the construction of the Civic Centre started last year but that it temporarily stalled due to lack of funds.
He said Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing resumed works on the project this year after allocating funds to it.
Mr Mushitu also said the residents of Mwense appreciate the development projects that Government is implementing in the area, citing Mwense Trades School.

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