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Mwape family stars in ‘Strictly by Invitation’

OWAS Mwape, Robam Mwape, Clive Mwape, Mercy Mwape, Prudence Mwape, Katongo Mwape, Maxwell Mwape and Adorah Mwape are all featuring in the thriller drama titled ‘Strictly by Invitation’, which will premiere with a red carpet in at Ster Kinekor, Arcades in Lusaka in a fortnight.
The movie, by Owas Crystal Films/Old Age Productions, is a story written to mitigate the issues that have gripped marriages in society.
“Written with an eye of what has hit our Zambian society – marital killings – the characters bring to life the day-to-day activities that husbands and wives go through in order to stay together. The film is a feature and already underway into a TV series,” according to a brief given to the Weekend Mail by Owas, who co-directs the film with his brother Robam.
“Told in a typical marriage scenario, the film creates questions that society and the audience alike will debate from their perspectives.”
In the movie, Michael Lungu and Catherine are a perfect couple to the eyes of the world until Catherine is found dead with her husband present in the same room that makes all hell break loose.
Questions begin being asked: Did Michael kill his wife or something else more supernatural did it?
“The film brings a different side of gender-based violence and media challenges.”
Also featuring in the film are Webby Chiluba (Kasaka), Huruma Sungula, Poliana Tembo and Hellen Kayuni, who Owas says, have made great impact on the film.
Other films by Owas to premiere on big screen include The Wife, Ministers House, Chenda, Secrets Untold Story and A Beautiful Lie. He is also associate producer on Suwi and Mwansa the Great, Which has banked over 17 awards internationally and was nominated for the British Film and Television Awards (BAFTA).

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