Mwandi district in water blues

ABOUT 130 households at Mwandi Royal village in Mwandi district have had no piped water since January 22, 2015 following the collapse of a water tank in the area.
Managed by the Western Water and Sewerage Company (WWSC), the tank which busted over a month ago was the main supplier of water in the area.
One of the company employees found on the scene who sought anonymity said the cause has not yet been established.
“We have not had a comprehensive meeting to determine what would have caused this because there are so many people involved. We have the supplier of the tank from Botswana, the contractor of the tower where the tank was standing and ourselves. We have a customer base of 130 households,” the source said.
The bursting of the tank also damaged the newly-built offices for WWSC.
“No life was lost on this material day, only the newly built office which was yet to be commissioned but we had not occupied it yet,” the source said.
One of the residents, Akufuna Inambao said access to clean water has been a challenge in the last one month since the collapse of the water tank.
“We have had problems since the tank busted; we just go round the village begging from a few that has bole holes. But it seems even them are tired of helping. We were told that the water utility company will find an alternative and we are still waiting,” she said.
And Mwandi district administrative officer Mubitelela Sililo said the situation needs urgent attention as the district has had no piped water for one month.
He said the district authority was in touch with the water utility company to find a solution to the problem
“We have had meetings and we are hoping that something will soon be done to resume water supply as we wait to meet the contractor and supplier of the tank,” Mr Sililo said.

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