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Mwanakatwe needs support to succeed


LUCY LUMBE, Livingstone
LIVINGSTONE central constituency Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson Elias Mwila has urged women in the country to support Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe in her new portfolio.
Mr Mwila said in an interview recently that women taking up huge government portfolios lack the much-needed support from their fellow women.
“It is sad to see that women don’t support each other. The appointment of Mrs Mwanakatwe has sparked a lot of criticism and this calls for major support by her fellow women.
Women should endeavour to give encouragement to boost the confidence of their colleagues when given such responsibilities,” he said.
Mr Mwila said support for women in decision-making positions by fellow women remains a major challenge despite the women inclusion agenda by Government.
“Unlike in the past where only men dominated these big positions and headed many departments, women participation is now increasing and this calls for women to rally behind their fellow women. This time around women should not fear to take up such challenging roles,” he said.
Mr Mwila said the appointment of Mrs Mwanakatwe is a clear demonstration of the commitment by the PF administration in scaling up women participation in decision-making positions to enhance development in the country.
He said the PF in Livingstone is in full support of the appointment of Mrs Mwanakatwe because she has the right skills and knowledge to enhance economic growth.
Mr Mwila said people should ignore critics who have continued to undermine the decisions of President Edgar Lungu.
“We have people who have continued to oppose anything that President Lungu does without giving the necessary checks and balances as to why they are against the decisions made. Our President has a heart for this country and the decisions that he makes are done in good faith so that people’s lives are improved and the economy is enhanced,” he said.

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