Letter to the Editor

Muzeya, Chisale boxing rematch welcome

Dear editor,
THE World Boxing Council’s decision to order a rematch between Zambia’s Lorita Muzeya and Ruth Chisale of Malawi is very welcome.

If truth be told, in all fairness, Muzeya was beaten in all rounds, but surprisingly, she was declared to be the victor. This kind of judging and favouritism is killing the sport.

Her trainer, Mike Zulu, should up his game to make sure that his boxer wins convincingly. Muzeya should go back to the gym and train as hard as she can.
She can make it. After all, she has never been defeated before. We are going to support her, but Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions needs to go an extra mile in preparing Muzeya for her to beat Chisale.
Good luck, Muzeya. We will be behind you all the way to round 10. Do your part and don’t depend on referees.


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