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MUVI TV pay system let down

Dear editor,
I WRITE to air my displeasure with the way Muvi Television is handling its customers who pay through Zoona.
I paid for a K90 bouquet through Zoona at about 12:00 hours on Friday July 31, 2015 for account Number 020398443844 and the computer-generated reference number 49424 was issued, but I was not connected by 22:00 hours.
This is day-time robbery and the earlier they work on their shortcomings the better for the clientele.
Worse still, their call centre number was either going unanswered or giving a not-in-use feedback, much to my disappointment.
Why offer a facility that is not user-friendly?
Much as they have fared very well in news coverage, the Zoona connectivity needs to be re-looked into to avoid inconveniencing customers.

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