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Muvi TV launches ‘Time Race’, ‘Bartender’ series

MUVI TV, which has been producing and promoting local television productions, will tonight be having a double launch of Best Script Writer Chris Stick Phiri and Muma Musanza’s production, Time Race, as well as a Clive Mwape-produced series, Bartender.
A 20-minute fully packed action-drama series, Time Race, which will be showing three times in a week, is being touted as “the best Zambian TV production; in terms of acting, picture quality and especially the story line”.
Time Race, which is set in a business environment where suits and big cars are the order of the day, is about two stepbrothers who are fighting to run their late father’s company despite the availability of a will he left.
The fighting is also being escalated by other people who have secret agendas. Hence, the easy-to-relate-to movie is packaged with some elements of blackmail and betrayal.
The two stepbrothers are Trevor (Mark Nasilele) and Kondwani (Jason Binwell Jere), while other main members of the cast are Trevor’s wife, Thandi (Catherine Mulope) and a villain Duncan (Hussan Robertson).
And Bartender, which is set in the heart of Lusaka, is centred on sex, drugs and embezzlement at an exclusive bar owned by George Tembo (Patrick Nyendwa).
George’s bar, however, begins to face challenges which attract the likes of petty drug dealers and young prostitutes, while chasing away the white-collar clientele.
But the greatest challenge is when the bartender, Ben (Simon Bwalya), disappears mysteriously.
Members of the main cast are Rodney Banda (Clive Mwape), a calm and collected private investigator, Zoe (Zodwa Khumalo), a seductive drug trafficker, George’s younger sister Jane (Malita Ng’andu) and a cheerful Ruth Ngulube (Cynthia Bwembya).

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