Mutomboko gets K50,000 injection


THE Midlands Mutomboko fundraising committee has received K50,000 from MissonPharma Zambia to go towards the holding of this year’s Mutomboko ceremony of the Lunda people of Luapula Province.

MissonPharma Zambia Limited general manager Jacob Cohn made the donation and urged Zambians to recognise, preserve and uphold its cultural heritage.

“Without cultural knowledge and understanding, we weaken our nations, and without nations and traditions, the world is likely to be less stable,” Mr Cohn said.
Mr Cohn said cultural institutions should be given the necessary support to ensure they continue serving their purpose of promoting traditional values.
“It is important that Zambian as well as foreign companies support the cultural heritage of the countries where we either belong or have decided to make our business,” Mr Cohn said.
He said he is yet to visit Luapula but he has heard of its striking beauty and abundance of opportunities and is looking forward to be a tourist at this year’s ceremony set for July 29 in Mwansabombwe.
He said he is happy that Mutomboko ceremony was made official in 1971, symbolising the migration of two great tribes and the conquest of the Luapula valley.
Mr Cohn said despite Luapula and Denmark where he comes from being far apart, the amount of similarities is striking.
“We strongly believe that education and healthcare are the two main assets in building a better tomorrow, and like in the province of Luapula, we Danes love our water too,” he said.
Mr Cohn said both the people of Luapula and the Danes descend from great Warriors, which have the same celebration traditions, dance accompanied by beers, and not any beer, preferably a local brewed one.
He said it is important to note that both the Danes and Zambians have fewer wars to fight.
“We let our soccer teams fight instead.”
And Mr Cohn said MissionPharma is committed to creating real and sustainable jobs in the Zambian health sector.
He said MissonPharma supplies kit to rural health centres in the country.
Mr Cohn said next month, his company will install an anaesthesia machine at Kanyama clinic.


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