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PROFILE - VOTERS verifying their details before casting their vote in the by-election.

Mutelembwe, 68, perceived dead but alive

TO BE told ‘you will die one day’ is something that does not come as a shock to many people because by nature humans are mortal.
However, to hear that one is dead when they are still alive and kicking unsettles a person.
This is what David Kachimwa Mutelembwe, 68, of Kaoma, in Western Province, found himself in when he turned up to vote in the Kaoma council chairperson by-election.
It was not the first time Mr Mutelembwe, a former teacher and local court magistrate, was being told he had died.
The first time it happened was in 2004.
At the time, he was pursuing his benefits from the National Pension Scheme Authority, (NAPSA).