Mutati invites 2018 budget submissions

FORMER MINISTER of Works and Supply Felix Mutati

MINISTER of Finance Felix Mutati (right) has called on civil society organisations (CSOs) and other stakeholders to make submissions

to the process of formulating the 2018 national budget to avoid crying foul that their views were not taken on board.
Mr Mutati said in an interview yesterday that Government is open to dialogue and constructive engagement with CSOs and stakeholders in economic management issues.
He said CSOs are indispensable partners in economic governance and urged them to actively participate in budget formulation.
“We believe as Government that there is no substitute to dialogue and constructive engagement with stakeholders, particularly civil society organisations, on issues of economic governance,” Mr Mutati said.
He said it will not be in the interest of the country for CSOs to blame Government for not including certain things in the budget if they do not participate in the formulation process.
Mr Mutati said his ministry will ensure that the 2018 national budget is inclusive and pro-poor.
He said Government is also counting on the support of cooperating partners in implementing various development programmes and policies aimed at improving citizens’ welfare.

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