Mutati challenges universities on research

FELIX C. MUTATI - Former Minister of Finance, Lusaka - Zambia

MINISTER of Finance Felix Mutati has challenged institutions of higher learning in the country to engage in value added research to achieve the goals of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

Mr Mutati said tertiary institutions are key to achieving Zambia’s industrialisation vision.
The minister was speaking in Kitwe yesterday during the 26th Copperbelt University (CBU) graduation ceremony.
“We need high impact value added research and innovation; this is what will drive the economy and also drives the tenets of the Seventh National Development Plan and helps us to accomplish Vision 2030.
“Let’s find solutions to how for example, we can lift the contribution of agriculture to the gross domestic product so that we can have a stable economy that continues to grow,” Mr Mutati said.
Mr Mutati urged CBU management to engage the private sector through various partnerships to reduce the funding deficit that the institution faces annually.
He said the institution should explore various opportunities that the private sector presents to address some its challenges.
And acting Minister of Higher Education Sylvia Chalikosa said Government will build about 3,000 additional bed spaces at the institution by 2020 to mitigate accommodation challenges students have continued facing.


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