Mutamula ready for sophomore album

THE Mwales.

GOSPEL artist Mutamula Mwale is ready to release his second album after being in the background as a producer since his last album in 2010.

The new album, which is titled Juda Sounds, is set for release on January 5.
“Juda is a term that means praise. The concept is about the praise. Praise has a phenomenal way of not changing your appearance or feeling but it has a phenomenal way of also changing your circumstances,” he says.
“When you have a sound of praise, everything about you and around you begins to change. When you have a Juda sound, it begins to open doors for you, it begins to usher you into your destiny. I felt that as a musician and a sound engineer you realise the effect of sound.”
Mutamula says he has been working on the album for a year and has featured Abel Chungu and a group of nine singers called Tribe of Judah.
“It’s slightly different from what I had on my first project. My first project was more of solo even though this one is also still me but it has a different feel and direction,” he says.
“This time around, I went with a group that I put together and basically to just give it a different sound and a different approach because what you can do as an individual is different when you’re doing everything yourself. The sound and feel is different. So that’s what I went for, a bigger sound.”
He wrote and produced the 13 songs that include Clap Your Hands, Ndefwaya Imwe and Pakati Kesu.
“There has been a lot of expectations judging from the response that we’ve received since we announced the release, the response has been overwhelming. I haven’t released anything in a while,” he says.
“The fans should expect a well-crafted album that’s full of hope and inspiration. My hope is that it will be a platform that catapults them into their prophetic destinies, that it will ultimately minister to their whole being and that they will have a supernatural encounter with God.”

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