We must participate in politics – Chief Mumena

CHIEF Mumena of the Kaonde in North-Western Province says chiefs must be allowed to take part in active politics.
Speaking on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)’s Sunday Interview, Chief Mumena said barring chiefs from active engagement in politics is discriminatory.
He said chiefs should not be stopped from leading the people in a political way because they are traditional leaders.
He said article 129 of the Constitution of Zambia, which states that a person shall not, while remaining a chief, join and participate in partisan politics, is discriminatory.
“Leadership is by invitation and that is not the true position as the legislation on that clause was made to fix an individual. It’s a relative position and such discriminatory clauses must not be [there]. Let us look at progressive pieces of legislature,” Chief Mumena said.
Chief Mumena said the constitutional restriction of chiefs against participation in politics must be lifted because it is retrogressive.

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