Mushanga calls for stronger ties with CCCI

CENTRAL Province Minister Sydney Mushanga has called for a stronger working relationship with the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) to promote development, economic growth and investment in the region.
Mr Mushanga said it is important for CCCI and other stakeholders to work together for the region to make strides in development, economic growth and attract investors.
Mr Mushanga said Government needs stakeholders to be on board to develop the country much as Government is expected to provide leadership as a major player in the governance of the country.
“The provincial administration and the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry need to meet somewhere when it comes to development of our province,” Mr Mushanga said during a meeting with CCCI recently.
He said Government and co-operating partners need to take advantage of Central Province’s comparative advantages in attracting development and investments in agriculture, tourism, mining, education, banking and construction.
He said the path of development and planning which Central Province is expected to take should involve co-ordination and integrated development planning.
“You cannot develop without planning and the aspect of planning should not be short-term but long-term,” he said.
He also commended local investors for investing in Central Province and contributing to the economy of the region.
And CCCI president Sydney Tembo said his organisation desires to work with Government to promote economic growth in the province.
Mr Tembo said Central Province should be transformed into an economic hub and a best investment destination in the country.

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