Mushala feature film: My preview thoughts

LEO Simukoko (middle), as Mushala, with his lieutenants.

LAST week, I allowed my brother Angel Phiri – filmmaker, cartoonist and shy personality on screen, who opts for back-jobs — to shut me in his editing room and watch the impending feature film plus TV series focusing on Adamson Mushala.
What an amazing time spent in there close to four hours together.
From the outset, I need to categorically state how humbling an experience it was to have a rare peep into the film. Somehow, some of my views in this article are expressive of this joy.
Specific to the feature film title, note that I have not added any adjective to the name (Adamson Mushala). This is purposeful, mindful of the fact that it would not be good to be party to pre-emptying the various ways in which the viewers may see this story in the final analysis.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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