Letter to the Editor

Munyemesha death blow to film, music industry

Dear editor,
THE death of ZNBC cameraman, producer and director Munyemesha Munyemesha is deeply saddening.
Mr Munyemesha died at Kabwe General Hospital where he was admitted after he fell off a moving vehicle while filming a funeral procession in Kabwe.
The media and film industry in particular has lost a talented cameraperson, producer and director, who contributed immensely to the growth of the entertainment industry in Zambia.
Munyemesha who was also a gospel singer will be remembered for his humourous and yet rich and impactful music.
He will certainly be remembered for his hit song “Pack and Go”. In this song Munyemesha was simply exercising his spiritual authority to command spirits behind different vices and social ills to leave.
In this song he was commanding poverty, sickness, sin and many other things that torment people’s lives to pack and go.
Despite his successful career Munyemesha remained humble and committed to serving his God.
It is therefore my strong belief that Munyemesha has run his race and fought a good fight.
He has crossed the divide to join a cloud of heavenly witnesses.
He will surely be missed by the Christian fraternity and media industry.
It is my prayer that God will comfort his family and particularly his wife and the four young children he has left behind. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

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