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Munya, Thandie: Real lovers

AFTER spending hours each day talking on the phone and pining to see the face at the other end of the line, the time finally came for Pastors Munya and Thandie Chihota to meet.
But lo and behold, Pastor Munya was nothing Pastor Thandie imagined. He was short and heavy set; whereas from his voice on the phone, she imagined a tall, dark “man, the kind that every girl yearned for in the famous romance novels, Mills and Boon.
It all started with phone calls between Pastor Thandie and a friend of hers who happened to be Pastor Munya’s subordinate at work before the couple became Pastors.
The two women often talked but one day, as fate would have it, Pastor Munya’s junior was not in the office to pick up the call when Pastor Thandie called.
“I picked up the receiver and when I heard Thandie’s voice, I thought wow, who is this lady?” I loved the voice and she loved mine too,” he said looking in Pastor Thandie’s direction who was nodding in agreement that indeed the feeling was mutual.
At the time, the two were not yet Pastors until later in their marriage.
From the day they met, they talked on the phone, every other day with love for each other beginning to develop.
Pastor Munya said when his love for Pastor Thandie was just bursting from his heart, he insisted that they meet.
However she didn’t accept but played hard to get like most women do when a relationship is just brewing.
He fixed a date for a Friday but before then, he unexpectedly dropped in on her at her work place with the intention of sizing her up to see if he was going to like what he saw.
“You know when you talk on the phone, you just have this imagination of how the other person looks and so I thought if I didn’t like what I saw, I wasn’t going to call her again,” he laughs.
And when he got to her office he said, Pastor Thandie asked if she could help him and when he spoke to her, with shock, she recognized the voice. It was the voice on the phone she had come to love.
Taken aback, Pastor Thandie was blushing all over the place, overwhelmed by Pastor Munya’s presence.
He too, was taken in by Pastor Thandie’s disposition and his heart just said yes, Munya, this is it!
On the other hand, Pastor Thandie said when she first saw him, she expected a tall dark man.
“But I thought he was married because of his physique,” she said.
After that encounter, they went on a date where they spent time talking, getting to know each other.
Their relationship grew from strength to strength dating for four months after which he asked for Pastor Thandie’s hand in marriage.
She didn’t hesitate to say yes as she had seen in him a man she could submit to, who could be her husband, and father of her children.
They got married three months later in 2005 and have two children together.
Pastor Munya who is now Pastor of Spirit Embassy Lusaka says it is important for couples to be sure they are genuinely in love before they get married.
This is because there are storms that come and only those marriages that are based on love will stand.
He recalls a period in their marriage before he became a Pastor when he was a stay-at-home-dad to start a business of his own after he left the corporate world where he worked as a Marketing Manager.
Pastor Munya explains life was a challenge as his wife was the one who provided for the family but she encouraged him and never pushed him to do what he couldn’t do.
He also says when spouses notice seemingly unpleasant attitudes in each other they should not think the marriage is a failure but be patient.
“What is happening is that they each are adjusting to changes in their lives such as coming of children, knowing each other’s families and other responsibilities that go with marriage,” he said.
He said it’s important to allow each other room to make mistakes without demanding for perfection.
Pastor Munya also said people should not go into marriage with a self centered attitude expecting their spouse to make life better for them. He said each spouse must sacrifice for the interests of the other.
Pastors Munya and Thandie’s advice to all married couples and those intending to marry is that above all, what gives marriage a firm foundation is when it is based on God.

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